Headquartered in Lancaster, PA each EPO subsidiary shares the commonality of specialty food and creates a vertically integrated organization. 

Our family of companies is able to work together to source ingredients (CO Nolt), produce using those ingredients (LFF), sell the finished products (ASF) and truck the orders to the customer (EPX). This streamlined approach enables us to move quickly, be versatile and very profitable. 

Our Facilities

The Lancaster Fine Foods building is 33,000 total square feet of new construction. It houses all of our office personnel as well as an exceptionally clean production area and a warehouse that is USDA certified and Kosher capable.

Our building was constructed specifically for human food production and our equipment is state of the art. Our warehouse has four loading docks that are able to accommodate 18 wheel trailers as well as two smaller docks for smaller vehicles.

The CO Nolt building is 30,000 total square feet with roughly 85% of that space devoted to warehousing, 10% devoted to a USDA Organic Certified kitchen and the remaining as office space. In our USDA kitchen we are able to package human grade products such as frozen meals or dry soups.

Additionally, the top floor of our Lancaster Fine Foods building houses a gift wrapping, internet fulfillment operation that ships out 100+ orders per week, shipped directly to the customers. 

Our Present

Founded just 5 years ago, Earth Pride Organics has evolved into an exciting company. Every day we are approached with new, profitable opportunities resulting from the quality of the work we have done in the past. The food industry is large, but word travels quickly. Our reputation is that of a hard working group of talented foodies that will do what it takes for success.

Our Future

Our first 5 years is now behind us and our growth over that period has allocated much of our initial investment. We fuel our advancement now with positive cashflow as we continue to add new employees and new machines. We have the knowledge, the contacts and the drive to become a major player in specialty food industry. In this economy we cannot guarentee our success, but we can earn it.